Thank you for purchasing a FLM head. It is important to read the following notes, instructions, and warranty / maintenance terms before use in order to take full advantage of the system and prevent accidental damage.


1 Notes:


1) Load Capacity:Each head has a maximum load capacity limit. Please select the appropriate equipment accordance with technical parameters strictly.


2)Lock: Before shooting, please be sure the equipment has been connected with the head firmly, and lock the center ball head.


3)Temperature: The usage temperature of FLM head is from minus 30 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees above zero (-22 - +70 degrees Fahrenheit).


4)Environment: FLM heads are all-weather products, but long time use in sea water and corrosive environment is not recommended.


5)Sunshine: Long time exposure to sunlight, such as under the automobile windshield glass, the product temperature will increase and result in burns, or lead to accelerate the plastic and rubber parts aging.


6)Fall: As the FLM head and the loaded equipment could be separated, it is proposed moving the tripod. Please unload the camera in order to avoid falling on the ground.


7)Cleaning: Please use a clean and soft cotton cloth wiping the surface of the Center Ball Head. Detailed operation refers to "Repair and Maintenance".


8)Lubrication: DO NOT lubricate the center ball head. Few knobs may need greasing, but please use standard grease(or contact FLM service center).


9)Security: Please note that the metal is a conductor, DO NOT close to power under any circumstances.


10)Parts: Information about parts, please refer to FLM



2 Guarantee and Maintenance:

1)FLM products are guaranteed to be fit for the purpose for which they have been designed, including the materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the product against subsequent damage or misuse.


2)FLM warrants 5 year period free warranty and maintenance, this period is calculated from the first date of purchase, and keep your receipt as a proof of purchase for the warranty and maintenance. During the free warranty and maintenance period, FLM undertakes limited warranty and maintenance obligations.

In the head’s lifetime period, FLM provides free maintenance service one time to the end-users, including:

1.    Cleaning the surface of the center ball;

2.    Replacing aging components;

3.    Lubricating key parts.


3)Terms only apply to the end-users in the normal and proper use accident damage, not to mistaken operation or abnormal use、transportation, man-made causes, accident or malfunction caused by non-FLM service station.


4)When damage occurred, the damage cause is judged by FLM’s criteria. 

If the original product has been superseded, replacement may be made with a current model of the same quality and equivalent function.


5)Warranty of any replacement parts is limited to 90 days or the unexpired portion of the warranty period of the product on which the parts are being used, whichever is longer.


6)To obtain warranty service, the purchaser should return the product or the defective part(s), carefully packed and with proof (ONLY ORIGINAL) of purchase date to the FLM distributor in the country of purchase (for up-to-date addresses, please see or to the shop/store where the product was purchased. All shipping expenses are the purchaser’s responsibility.


7)The Free warranty and Maintenance does not cover any defects or costs caused by:


8)modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by anyone other than FLM;


9)any use of the product other than that for which it was designed;


10)physical abuse to, overload of, or misuse of, the product of operation thereof in a manner contrary to the instructions accompanying the product;


11)failure to comply with care and maintenance instructions accompanying the product;


12)does not responsible to damages during transport;


13)does not cover labor costs, only warranty and maintenance services;


14)does not enjoy special or expedited warranty / maintenance services.


15)Unless local law in the country, state or region of purchase dictates otherwise, FLM will under no circumstances be liable for any special incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage, damage to or loss of equipment, lost profits or revenue, costs of renting replacements and other additional expenses, even if FLM has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


16)The original purchasers, within three days, since the first date of purchase, do not raise objection to the above terms, which is deemed to have accepted and complied with all the terms set out above, and subject to the local law of purchase.