About FLM

In 1993, the company main architect and mechanical engineer Mr. Werner Bürklin uses three letters as a trademark, also registered and established FLM GmbH company in southern Germany and began production of photograph heads since then. Having received 25 patents now.


The company is located in the beautiful Emmendingen. FLM, the three ordinary letters, each contains special meaning. "F" represents "Fotografie", means "photographic equipment" in English. "L" is "Lighting Engineering Accessories" which means lighting accessories; "M" is "Metrology Accessories".


FLM is marked by a lion body eagle surface beast named Griffin. Griffin in Europe’s culture is the guardian of the Gods and Treasure, and a symbol of Christ. Because the temperament of Griffin is consistent with the concept of FLM product: free, noble, loyal, brave, fast and durable products with strong toughness, and brand-new features and rich accessories, therefore it was decided to use the image of Griffin as FLM product trademark.


So far, company has primarily F series, FT series full-size tripod heads professional DV telescope heads, level governor and a variety of styles of quick board connector etc.



Address: D-79312, Emmendingen Schutzenstrasse18, Germany

Tel: 49-76-41571722
Fax: 49-76-41571723

E-mail: info@flm-gmbh.de